learned that one in kindergarten

girls are always on his mind (but they're not usually talking). is it wrong that he thinks he's hot? he was bioscripted into becoming doctor fate for a few minutes – no big. his name's really wally. he's one of the good guys – you know, kid flash! fastest boy alive. ladies' man. science whiz. meta-genius. bro. swag master.
in short? the wall-man is here. now let's get this party started.
Hey, I've seen all the episodes of Young Justice but do you remember the episode were Wally says "learned that one in Kindergarten?"
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that was part 2 of the premiere! “fireworks.” he said it after he tripped blockbuster.

happy june 20, everybody


Wally West with palette #9, asked by anon.

plus some bonus doodle of JLU Wally! ^v^

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Wally tired.

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↳ 4. Character you would bring back from the dead Wally West/Kid Flash (Young Justice)

"It doesn't matter how many fall, for new heroes will always rise to carry on; bringing all their resources, their skills, their talents to bear, to defeat the enemy."
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better in high-res :D

In the loving memory of our favorite speedster..

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